Puppy Dogs and Santa Claus and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

This is first and foremost a bedtime story to read to your little ones. It was created by a Mom (and psychologist) who reads to her little one every night, and has dreams that his world will be filled with wonder and love. This story captures that magical warmth.

But to jazz it up, we've also turned it into a full-fledged app, and the little ones will have many hours of fun tapping the objects that spin, jump, and make sound effects. For example, they can make the clown stand on his head to a drum roll. Or cause the monkeys to play on the swing set and make monkey noises. Touch the words and the story is narrated, assisting the pre-schoolers to learn how to read. Toddlers learn through repetition and interaction, and this app provides a fun environment that reinforces these aspects of learning.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy this children's bedtime story book!

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