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Observatron is a pattern matching game, where you select 3 cards to form a set and win points.

The deck has 81 cards, and 12 cards are dealt. Each card varies in 4 ways, such as background, shape, color, and number of items shown.

You must choose 3 cards in which either ALL cards match or NO cards match.

For example, this card selection (cards are highlighted with a green border) is a valid set since the items are ALL green, NONE of the background shapes match, ALL of cards have 3 items, and NONE of the items are the same.

Above all, have fun and stay sharp!

three selected cards that form a set.


You can play solitaire, or you can 'pass and play' with up to four players, meaning you have to be in the same room to pass the phone or ipad around when it's your turn to play.

Symbols Screen with two player option.


In the case of multiple players, each takes a turn, but anyone can steal by pressing their button after 30 seconds. Obviously, this is not always easy. You can choose not to use the steal option at all.

More points are given for speed in one minute increments. If you find a match within 1 minute, you get 5 points. If under 2 minutes, you get 4 points. After 4 minutes, you will get 1 point. Selecting 3 cards that are not a set costs a point.

If you don't see a set, you can choose to deal 3 more cards. Dealing cards when a match exists costs a point. However, if there really were no sets showing, you will get the same points you would have gotten for finding a set.

Hint will select a card that is in a match. The first hint costs one point, and the second hint costs two points. This is especially useful when you're first learning the game.

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Keep you brain sharp by training your pattern recognition skills. Sudoku and crosswords are great, but your brain responds to new challenges even more.



The classic Set Game uses the same 3 symbols and shadings. We've added more themes, including one for color blind users that uses patterns instead of colors for one of the attributes.

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No accounts to create. No sign-in needed. This is a fairly simple game that exists on your iphone or ipad. We collect no data from you whatsoever.

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For those who like dark mode, we've got you covered.

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The high score and fastest time is saved and shown at the end of each game.


Okay, maybe not easy to play! But easy to learn the rules, which are at your fingertips at all times.

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