The Alien's Gift

a Novel

Bruce M. Smith

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Marc's morning starts off like any other. Up at 5 a.m., he sits on the patio of his country home, sipping coffee and watching his dogs frolic. But then he feels overcome by an unusual sensation, one that encompasses his entire body and produces unknown thoughts and emotions-something not of this world.

As the days progress, it becomes more and more apparent that an alien life form is using Marc's mind. With the help of his friends, Marc tries to understand exactly how to combat this force, and they catch a break when they are contacted by the alien's caretakers. Gera, as the alien is known, is attempting to escape his medically-induced prison sentence and is using Marc as his vessel.

But Gera isn't all that he seems - and in a surprising twist, Marc's contact with Gera gives him a special power to "jump" into other people's minds. Marc uses this gift to right the wrongs in society, never realizing that an epic intergalactic battle is about to take place, one that might very well signal the end of Planet Earth-and of Marc.

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